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So has anyone heard the new Engine Down songs? You can stream two of the new ones off the website (www.enginedown.com), and I have video of them playing other new songs live. I'm REALLY disappointed. Well, maybe not that much....."Cover" is just a horrendous quasi-pop-punk song, that if it had been my first exposure to ED, I would have hated them. The one after that isn't too bad, but it's pretty much a ripoff of the Demure sound, same with the song I have video of.

I'm losing faith in this band. When they started out they were like Sleepytime Trio, who I adore and would name my first born after, and they've evolved quite a bit, reinventing themselves on each album. I love each album....Under the Pretense, To Bury Within, Demure, etc., but it just seems as if the new album will be either a copy of Demure, which I don't want, or some crappy album that echoes the bad songwriting of that "Cover" song. With them signing to Lookout (I have a ridiculous devotion to Lovitt records), and these new songs, I fear that a few months into the future, I will have given up on them. Which really sucks, because they are probably one of the most consistent bands I've listened to over the past few years. I'll always listen to their 3 albums and treasure their vinyl that I own, but if things go as I anticipate, I won't be a conscious Engine Down fan for much longer.

Your thoughts on the new songs? On the current state of Engine Down? Discuss. Let's try to keep this community at least somewhat alive.
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