fool in the photograph (klar_und_kalt) wrote in enginedown,
fool in the photograph

Orlando, FLA
engine down tonight was amazing.




i love the way his voice carries so strongly. theyve got such a good sound.
i have to say im a fan of what they do. i am very happy to have their cd in my player.
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thanks for posting! I can't wait for the show on Wednesday. woo!
i was at that show.

they were great.
they were. i love denali as well.
but rainer maria sucked...haha.
they did, i felt like the only non-rainer maria fan and i felt a little bad for not being all into it. i left shortly after rainer maria started playing.
so did i. although their music wasnt that bad. what i heard of them was actually pretty tight. i just couldnt stand the chick...oh, and the transvestite on drums. eh, actually i just didnt like any of it. nevermind.
its weird at the social. when the headlining band plays there seems to be this energy there...and i feel out of place when i don't particularly like the band.